FOSTA       REPORT   2016-2017

The Friends of St. Andrew’s North Kilworth continues much as before in terms of our funding base and support for the conservation and improvement of the physical structure of the Church.

Our core role lies in supporting the PCC in terms of fund raising via Covenanted Giving and the production of Newsletters, releases to the Village Newsletter and direct e mail to those on our Giving list and on the Electoral Roll. The key work this year has involved progressing the declared programme of improvements arrived at via joint consultation across the Village Community in respect of the following elements of major works proposed for implementation…………………….

  1. Improved drainage to alleviate the damp issues
  2. Modernisation of the electrical circuitry
  • Replacement of the central heating boiler and pipework
  1. Installation of a servery and catering facilities
  2. Installation of toilet facilities
  3. Establishing a secure storage area for Village Archives
  • Day to day maintenance of the structure and churchyard.

In delivering these objectives a small committee has been negotiating the detail of the Diocesan Board requirements. They are the technical “owners” of the Church estate and onerous conditions apply to any modifications to Listed structures. In the course of the last 2 years we have-

  1. Appointed a specialist architect with the necessary Diocesan approvals
  2. Obtained detailed plans and drawings for the proposed works
  3. Hosted visits from 7 statutory consultees interested in the proposed works (Historic England, CPRE, Victorian Society etc.)
  4. In consequence secured Diocesan approval (called “faculties”) to permit the work
  5. Initiated quotations for competitive tendering of the work

Moving forward we will collate these bids to use as an evidence base for a wide range of Grant applications to identified funders. We have already applied for Diocesan Board grants and Parish Council support.

Our hope is that by October 2017 we will have finalised these applications and this will enable us to expand our list of funding promises to be able to let contracts by mid 2018.

As a prelude to this we are also in process of updating our website and we are producing an updated (printed ) history of the Church for distribution to every household in the Village.

David Sanders

May 2017.