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Services are first Sunday in the month at 0930 and every Sunday elsewhere throughout the benefice.

October 2018


Jasmine Evie Walker Roberts at Gilmorton on 1 July

Ottilie Olivia Arlo Bowen at Catthorpe on 26 August

Ellie Anne Favill at Swinford on 26 August

Hollie Joy Johnson at Gilmorton on 2 September

Joseph Andrew McLean Bates at North Kilworth on 8 September



Rowan Chislett and Rebecca Frost at Gilmorton on 25 August

Martin Faulconbridge and Katie Bourne at Swinford on 25 August

Leslie Lucas and Alison Davis at South Kilworth on 8 September

Marcus Begley and Lois Perkins at Stanford on Avon on 15 September



Terry Waters aged 80 at Shawell on 31 August

Peter Knight aged 86 of North Kilworth on 17 September


All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:

The Rev’d Emma Davies, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Gilmorton.

Telephone: 01455 556573;  email

The Rev’d Alison Iliffe, The Rectory, Dag Lane, North Kilworth.

Telephone: 01858 881248 email

October 2018

Grains of Hope, Bread for Life

I suspect that many of us– especially when having to negotiate the pitfalls of making an application to the Diocese to have work done on a church building – have said things that are less then complimentary about our diocesan colleagues. But this time I think that they have got it right with ‘Grains of Hope Bread for Life’ – a celebration of Harvest that appears on the diocesan website.

Harvest is a time of year when we celebrate God’s generosity and explore how we are called to respond. To be fulfilled there is the daily need for physical food and the need to develop spiritually and mentally. It is difficult to do the latter if you are hungry and destitute.

Jesus used the symbol of ‘bread’ to illustrate the point. One of the parts of the bible that most people have heard of is the ‘Feeding of the 5000’ with loaves and fishes. Jesus looks to the physical needs of the people as well as their spiritual needs. Jesus says ‘I am the bread of life’ (John 6:35) and sets out that He is the food that gives life and contains within it the promise of new life – a life that we should live abundantly.

The diocesan website advocates a ‘Bread Festival’ to help us look at both aspects of our need for ‘bread.’ We are surrounded by stories of lack and scarcity and harvest is a time when we celebrate God’s generosity and a bread festival helps us explore the Christian message more fully. Unsurprisingly, it does this through looking at the bread making process.

  1. Flour – there are different sorts and we are urged that when we think of Jesus as the bread of life we should think of the wholegrain version – good for us and filling – and to consider what aspects of our lives are filling but not nourishing and those parts of our lives that are both filling and nourishing and to ask what we are going to do about the former.
  2. Water – with some work water combines the elements of the bread together. It enables it to be stretched and formed. Like water the Holy Spirit stretches and re-forms us – what work do we need to put in to enable that to happen?
  3. Yeast – is the ingredient that allows the dough to rise. It is in the hands of nature and we cannot control it. This is the power of growth that occurs when you put yourself in God’s hands. Generosity and growth go hand in hand. Generosity is the foundation on which God’s kingdom can grow.
  4. Salt – transforms the bland. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said we are the salt of the earth. This does not call us to be nice, bland people (‘nice but dim’) but to be people who are transformed to do extraordinary things.

Bread making is the result of time and effort. Faith is the same – whether it is the result of a sudden conversion or a prolonged road filled with mis-steps once there it is to be enjoyed and offered to others.

Generous God

Creator of heaven and earth

we thank you that you bless us with an abundant harvest

Grant that the bread that your son Jesus Christ shares with us, we may also share with others and that our generosity in response to your loving providence may be life giving and life long

In Jesus name we pray


Keith Wilding